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—something about my cool nebraska guy.—

My name is Jessica.
I'm from Bowling Green, KY. English major at WKU.
I like girls and also guys that are fictional or I will never come in contact with.
multi-fandom and interest blog! :)
I love to write and cosplay.
I'm recently returning from a long hiatus.
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i was bored last night and drew sips in homestuck-talksprite style

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Persona 4 Golden - Agent Suit

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"I’m about to sneeze my pants off, Sips. That’s how mad I am."
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- Sips: As Tony the Tiger would say, Eeeeeeeeeeex-celent!
- Sjin: Ahahaha
- Sjin: Hahaha.
- Sjin: I love...
- Sjin: I love eating Cheerios.
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Anonymous asked : it's terrible, isn't it? having him hit on you and not knowing if he'll just stop talking to you suddenly.

…It is so terrible!  And then when I don’t hear from him again I want to message him to see how he’s doing but don’t wanna bug him. Hahaha!

Anonymous asked : Was it sjin? that happened to me too :O He's a womanizer xD

O_O  Yes!  Oh my goodness, what a ladies man!!


I’ve never met anyone from tumblr in person before but tomorrow I’m going to the movies with someone from tumblr for my birthday :o I’m excited.

…and that one moment when someone really famous in the nerdy youtube world messages you on Facebook and proceeds to hit on you, then tells you not to tell anyone and you just have this uncontrollable urge to tell everyone even though nobody will believe you.  that just happened.